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Friday, January 22, 2010

Top Ten Countdown - Numbers 6 Through 4

I've been terribly negligent on the Top 10 Countdown of my Favorite Anime Characters of All-Time.

This is in part because, after my Yuki Nagato write up in the Number 7 spot I didn't feel like I could match or top that write-up for my Number 6 selection. And, as such, I kept putting it off... and putting it off... and putting it off. ^_^;

However, I think that those who had been following my Top 10 countdown list, and particularly those who actually voted for me to do it, deserve to see that list brought to its conclussion.

So, with that in mind, I'm going to speed through Numbers 6 through 4 on that Top 10 countdown list in this blog entry, and then get back to lengthier write-ups after it.

So, with out further adieu, here are Numbers 6 through 4 for my Ten Favorite Anime Characters of All-Time! :)

Top Ten Countdown - Number 6: Simon

Moral Alignment: Chaotic Good

Simon was a very cool and good-natured guy, but also ambitious. The young digger that had to drill through difficult mountains of angsting dirt in his young adolescence, eventually grew into a man that would carry on the dreams of his beloved bro Kamina, only with those dreams refined into something more practical and reasonable. Simon was like the polished and more complete package of the immeasurable raw energy and force of will represented by the wondrous personified symbol of Kamina.

In the end, Simon made a choice that I'm not entirely comfortable with, and that I feel undermines the overall thematic thrust and passion of the GL/TTGL anime. That's the main reason why he's not even higher on this list.

However, his titantic tumultuous triumphs over first Lord Genome, and then over the cosmic Anti-Spirals, speaks very well of Simon and the relentless but thoughtful force of will; refined by his moral core and his faithfulness to his friends and comrades.

Simon's inherent goodness is beyond question, and while he's not as chaotic in his means as his bro, there's no doubt that he is known best for fighting against oppressive universal orders, in sharp contrast to Rossiu...

Top Ten Countdown - Number 5: Fate T. Harlaown

Moral Alignment: Lawful Good

Fate Testarossa simply has one of the colossally coolest character designs of all time. Her personal style and panache is beyond reproach. However, there is substance as sharp as Bardiche that accompanies this supremely sumptuous sizzle.

While there is a certain simplicity of heart and purpose that drives Fate on, that is complimented by a profound depth of character that this simplicity rests upon as though it were a firm foundation of rock. In the original Nanoha anime, this comes through the "sad beautiful eyes" that Nanoha Takamachi peers through to make a full assessment of Fate's very soul.

From that point on, the two magicl girls were fated (no pun intended ;) ) to be the closest of friends... if not more. ;)

I've heard Fate compared to Batman, and while she may lack the Dark Knight's breadth of intelligence and skill, I think that she shares a similar drive and determination with him, as well as a heroic honorably heart.

In many ways, Fate and Nanoha are to their universe what the World's Finest are to the DC comics universe...

Top Ten Countdown - Number 4: Shana

Moral Alignment: Lawful Neutral

As many of my readers know, in particular fellow Anime Suki posters, I've long been a critic of how the term "tsundere" is used today. However, Shana is the ultimate exception to that.

Shana is THE tsundere. She defines the term like no other anime character, imo. She is the idealization of this anime archetype; the character that fits it like a glove and shows the considerable comedic charm, and solid characterization, that can come from the true tsundere.

Shana's fiery attacks are emblematic of her fiery persona. And yet, that fiery persona is grounded in a role and mission that Shana takes very seriously... that role and mission being the one of the Flame Haze.

This is what makes Shana a lawful netural character, at least until Yuji begins to alter her thinking slightly, and impact her heart substantially. At the start of her anime, Shana is entirely cought up in her role, and does not question it or even feel much pity for the victims of the world order that she seeks to work within. As explosive as Shana's methods are, she is a character that seeks to maintain order and stability in a world cursed by tomogaras that can consume the very life essences of human beings.

What I admire in Shana is her firm resolutness, her competency, and her uncompromising stage presence. Her battles with tomogaras are always a treat for the eyes... especially her fights with Hecate, in my view.

I also love Shana's romance with Yuji, and how it brings out the softer and more human side in Shana.

There is much more that I could write about each of these three, but for the goal of speeding up the completion of this Top 10 countdown, and with the hope of soon bringing it to a close, I have decided to be relatively short and sweet on numbers 6 through 4. Nonetheless, I welcome any feedback to the brief blurbs that I wrote for each. :)

My next blog will delve down into two of the final three... and that's when, hopefully, you'll get to see me recapture greater exuberance and thoroughness in my writing. ;)

For now, though, I close out with a wonderful picture of two of my all-time favorite anime characters for you to feast your eyes upon...


  1. I'm pretty sure I said all I had to say about Simon back when Kamina was posted, so anything I'd have to comment about in respect to him would probably just be a repeat of that. Sorry Simon, guess I jumped the gun, huh? Not like that's anything you aren't used to, though, right? ;)

    With Fate, I feel like I have to come clean. Honestly, I didn't really like her all that much throughout the original series, and she felt a bit underwhelming compared to the rest of the cast present in A's(except maybe Shamal). It wasn't until StrikerS that she finally resonated with me. I'm not sure why it took me so long to really connect with her, or what it was about her role in StrikerS that did it, but something finally clicked at that point, and she managed to make her way to the top five in my favorite character list for the series. I really should go back and give her a second chance... which I suppose is something she's used to as well, huh? ^^;;

    As for Shana, there's a lot I would have liked to have said about her, as well. Unfortunately, I kinda forgot pretty much all of it while writing the part about Fate, and now I'm having a harder time coming up with something to say than she does saying three little words to Yuji. I really hate to leave her hanging like this, as I know that's something she's unfortunately had to get used to as well, but like the expression Hirai-san had throughout the second episode, my mind's a complete blank. Sorry, Shana, I'm afraid this might have to wait until a later time...

  2. Ah, tigermoon... you certainly like painful character-focused running gags, don't you? ;)

    Like Kyon being dragged around by his tie... you never tire of that either, eh? ;)

    In all seriousness, though, I get your point on Fate. She's almost too soft-spoken of a character, and too much of a blank slate, during the first two Nanoha animes.

    One thing that I liked about Striker S is that we really saw some distinctive strokes added to Fate's personality here.

    For example, her dedication to law and order, displayed by her dogged determination to bring that pompous posturing pimp Jail Scaglietti to justice. ;)

    We also saw Fate take on a very motherly persona in Striker S, in how she treated Vivio, Caro, and Erio.

    Fate didn't only grow physically (and in all the right places ;) ) from A's to Striker S, she grew as a character too.

  3. aww sad Fate is not at least number 2 but i loved the post alot :)