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I've been a big anime fan for about 10 years or so now. My five all-time favorite animes at this point are, in no particular order... Puella Magi Madoka Magica, El Hazard: The Magnificent World, Love Live!: School Idol Project, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, and Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha. However, there are hundreds of anime shows that I like. The main purpose of this blog is to provide meta-commentary on anime, and the anime industry - to try to cast a critical, though appreciating, eye upon this entertainment genre that I believe has tremendous potential, but can also be easily wasted. I have always been a fan of animation in general - in the 80s, I grew up on western cartoons like He-Man, She-Ra, Transformers, and G.I. Joe. Through out the 90s, I was a hardcore comic book fan, for the most part. I'm also a big fan of Star Trek. Right now in my life, though, anime is my principal entertainment passion.

Monday, September 7, 2009

What Should I Do Next?

Here's a shout out to any and all people who follow this blog!

Now, sadly, Haruhi 2009 likely comes to an end this coming Thursday/Friday.

After that, I probably should start blogging on a new topic. To address what that topic should be, I've put up a short five-option poll on the right side of this blog. Please take the poll! :D

One idea I had was sharing my list of Top 10 Anime Characters of All-Time with my blog readers: Putting up a blog for each one as I count down through my Top 10, probably over the span of two to three weeks, and explaining why each one comes in where he or she does on that list.

However, that would lead to me delving into a lot of anime characters that haven't been seen in awhile, so it may bore the cutting edge denizens of Anime Suki who check out this blog. On the other hand, you may get to learn a little bit about anime history with at least a couple of my selections... so that may be interesting to you as well. ;)

Still, I've provided some other alternatives.

First, is that I could do blogs that try to evaluate and break down Bakemonogatari. This is one anime that I'm currently following and enjoy quite a bit.

The other three options, my awesome readers, are three ongoing animes that I've seen some of, and truly enjoyed some of, but have lost interest in: Bleach, Valkryia Chronicles, and Umineko.

So... if one of them wins, you'll be bringing a fan back into the fold for one of these animes! So if you're an Umineko fan, and you want to force me to watch Umineko, here's your chance! ^_^;

So, long story short, please tell me what you'd like me to blog about next, after Haruhi rides off into the Endless sunset after a Summer of discontent... ;)


  1. Top 10 anime characters, definitely. I don't have much interest in Bleach, it's just a fairly dry shounen (And I reached the Bount arc), and I haven't watched Umineko, Bamemonogatari, or Valkyria Chronicles. Your top 10 favorite anime characters, on the other hand, is something I'd find very interesting - especially since you have good shows like Ranma and Nanoha making up your fandom. XD I don't think using older series would alienate me - I'm a lot more familiar with stuff from the 2000s, yeah, but I was introduced to anime mostly through 90s shows (Ranma, Slayers, Magic Knight Rayearth), and enjoy a lot of stuff from the 80s like Urusei Yatsura and especially Maison Ikkoku.

    I'd find a School Days review from you to be really interesting - I always love School Days blogs, the author's reaction to all the stupid, twisted stuff that goes down, and their assessments of the characters and where they lie on the morality spectrum - but I dunno if School Days is your cup of tea. It's kind of sleazy. XD

  2. Go with Umineko.

    At the very least, watch until the end of the first arc. I know it started out kinda dull, but it gets interesting after the second or third episode.

    Kinda like Higurashi, only without the horribly streamlined Question Arcs.

  3. Thanks for the feedback, Dr. Casey and tigermoon! I'll definitely keep your ideas in mind.

    I'll consider taking a look at School Days. :)
    And I really liked each one of Ranma, Slayers, and Magic Knight Rayearth. Chances are you'll know at least 8 of my selections then, Dr. Casey, so that's cool.

    Whichever poll option comes in 2nd will probably get some blog entries too, by the way.

  4. Hmm; Umineko is actually a good series, it just takes a while for it to get really interesting (and Maria is fucked up. REALLY fucked up). Can't say anything about Bleach since it is an average shounen series. And, I haven't seen any of the others so I can't say anything about that.

    But, I'd be interested to see what your top 10 etc.s are. Maybe a top 10 catchphrase list? IDK. Have fu, whatever you do :D

  5. If you want to blog on something that goes forever, and ever...Bleach...At least, it is not an Endless Summer... :)...and tons of different things that goes on and on...

    I would go for the top 10 anime characters...

  6. If there's anything that you must NOT watch, it is Valkyria Chronicles. As a fan of the game, I would not recommand it based on how they've butchered the story and the characters. If you haven't played the game, you may be a able to watch this one.

    I would most like the top 10. I think to see who people pick as their favorites because they show something about that person. And I get to learn about that charcters as well.

    I've never started Bleach and never plan to, so that one's out for me.
    I havn't heard anything about Bakemonogatari, so I can't offer any opinion on that.
    Kaisos always gushes about Umineko. Maybe I'll pickup watching that as well.


  7. Poor Episode 00, Live Alive, Day of Sagittarius, and Someday in the Rain...they're gonna be ignored by almost everyone here soon. ;_;

    I voted Bakemonogatari because that's the only one I'm watching >_>

  8. Heminga13 - I might do blogs "revisiting" Live Alive and Day of Sagittarius. Can't really get myself up for Episode00 (after seeing all the work behind it) or Someday in the Rain, but Live Alive and Day of Sagittarius are two of my favorite Haruhi episodes.

    Everybody - Thanks for the feedback!

  9. top 10, because those suck. i think.

  10. I'm going to try to force you to watch Umineko, although the other voters seem to be conspiring against me ;-)

  11. RP - I'll probably watch Umineko anyway. Four recommendations is enough for me to give it another watch, anyway.

    Whether or not I blog on it, though, we'll have to wait and see. ;)

  12. In order of preference:

    1. Bakemonogatari
    2. Top 10
    3. Umineko
    4. Bleach/Valkryia

    All in all, blog what you want to blog. No point forcing yourself to blog something that you don't want to. Unless of course you feel like bashing the thing in question that is lol =P